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At Cortijo El Esparragal we have different customisable spaces designed so that you can hold your taylormade event. We offer you everything you need, from enabled spaces to audiovisual equipment.

Celebrate with us your corporate activities

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What kind of corporate events can be held at Cortijo El Esparragal?

A wide variety of corporate events can be held at Cortijo El Esparragal, including business meetings, presentations, and team building activities, among others.

What services are offered by Cortijo El Esparragal for business meetings?

We have different customizable spaces to adapt to the needs of each meeting, as well as audiovisual equipment.

What kind of events can be hosted at Cortijo El Esparragal?

Our experience allows us to offer all kinds of events, from customised events such as the Seville Fair, gastronomic workshops, lunches with shows, presentations, routes, etc.

How can Cortijo El Esparragal help in the organization of presentations and fairs?

We have experience in the development of presentations, shareholders’ meetings, seminars, fairs, conferences and sales conventions, offering a unique environment and specialized services.

What Team Building activities can be done at Cortijo El Esparragal?

Our facilities offer a wide range of activities to strengthen teamwork, such as Multi-Adventure, Paint-ball, Orienteering Raids, 4×4 Driving, Canoes, Visits to the estate and Equestrian Shows.

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Cortijo El Esparragal, a unique enclave located just a short distance from Seville

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